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Emerson Praises O'Quinn and Holloway's Performances in S6

Here is an interview from TV Guide with new Golden Globe Nominee Michael Emerson. It is nice little read and he mentions that both Terry O'Quinn and Josh hollway's performances in Season 6 have impressed so far.


How did you find out you were nominated?
"I'd turned the phone off when I went to bed last night here in Hawaii, so I woke up this morning to a whole lot of messages and texts."

Have you heard from any of your co-stars yet?
"I see here on my computer screen a message from Jorge [Garcia, who plays Hurley] just popped up. He's always very sweet. It says, 'Nice job. We'll be rooting for you.'"

How many Globe nominations is this for you?
"This is my first. That's an award that usually doesn't include Lost. I can't remember anything since Season 1, so I'm flabbergasted."

You're shooting your tenth episode of the new season now. Are you hopeful that your final season will award the show more award recognition?
"I think next year, after the conclusion of the final season, when people see the strength and style of how we go out, I expect Lost to have more recognition."

Whose performances so far in the new season have impressed you most?
Terry O'Quinn [Locke] is continuing to turn in his staggering work. And it's a great year for Josh Holloway [Sawyer]. He just continues to get
better and better. His storylines are turning out to be gripping and very moving at the same time."

Your wife, Carrie Preston, is on True Blood, which also got lots of nominations. So she should get to go to the ceremony too.
"Oh yeah. We'll be there together. I think she might be shooting today, or taking care of our ongoing plumbing nightmare at our home. She might be up to her neck in water."

How are you going to celebrate today?
"Sometimes the best thing to do is counterbalance it with some really mundane domestic pursuits. I might actually do some ironing today. I have to start getting ready for the awards!"