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Episode 6x01 - The Truth is Out There Easter Egg

So as we all know LOST is filled with wonderful easter eggs from the numbers to book references and the premiere had NO shortage of them

Some quite obvious like the Dharma Shark, while others not so obvious such as the meaning behind the books that were shown.

However, since the Season 5 Finale, something seems off about Rose and Bernard, almost like they know more than our other Losties. They are "retired" in the Season 5 Finale in 1977 and now Rose has some interesting words with Jack in the premiere and I felt again like she knew something.

Well she was reading a magazine called "Weekly Woodsman" I believe, but what was inside was even cooler!

A SUPER quick glance at inside reveals the words "The Truth is Out There". It is almost like she is flashing it to Jack so he can see it and "help" him.

At the same time it is a cool nod from the writers to all the fans that are trying to figure out the show, telling us the fans the truth IS out there!

Here is a screencap: