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Episode 6x03 -- Kate

I sincerely apologize for the delay getting this out to you all. Although I can’t time travel (yet) as I’d like to, I suppose it’s better late than never!

INTRO: Bad Idea

While it may not have been the myth-busting explosion of answers many LOST fans are now eagerly anticipating (and expecting) in this sixth and final season, the third episode “What Kate Does” offered up quite a decent helping of surprises. For the most part the revelations were strictly personality-based. Character-development has always been one of LOST’s strengths since the series premiered, and it is what originally kept me glued to the screen with the need to learn more about each of the survivors’ lives. (OK, ok, the monster noises kept me watching even more...I won’t deny it!) But honestly, historically speaking I have never been a huge fan of the Kate-centric episodes.

Now before any “boos” and “hisses” start flying my way, it is important for me to note that this is not because I always consider the story of Ms. Austen to be what is referred to as “filler”, though we have had a handful of episodes in past seasons that may have fit this bill. Her life on and off the Island has had its share of complexity, emotional turmoil, and total excitement. We all know that Kate and running are like polar bears and fish biscuits. She has demonstrated a strong will to survive no matter what, and a tenacity that has for the most part remained unmatched by any of the other female roles in the show. And of course, Kate has had a severe fondness for getting into all kinds of trouble, with or without a firearm in tow.

I’m just not really a fan of her character’s personality overall, and even though I tend to steer clear of persecuting her in my recaps, snide comments are often going off at a rapid-fire pace secretly inside my head. Please also know my view has nothing to do with Evangeline Lilly’s acting. She’s handled this complex, self-motivated role with true professional style. At times there are even echoes of Sigourney Weaver’s “Ripley” in regards to her strength. Ms. Austen has had some truly amazing moments where my respect for her character has unexpectedly been raised up a level. But in my opinion, overall she just isn’t the most likable person there is in the LOST universe.

With that being said, the new timeline is offering Kate a lot of potential, and I must say that this episode was an exception to my usual view of her story. I definitely enjoyed the unfolding tale of how she handled herself in this installment, especially in relation to Claire, and towards the end actually found myself wanting more.