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Episode 6x04 The Substitute - ODI LOSTometer Episode Grade

Hey All,
Looks like the Candidate Cave and getting some answers along with new questions in the Locke-Centric The Substitute was received very well by most of the graders.

The final average grade provided us with our first "A" rated episode of the season!

Since last week we have been getting quite a bit of positive feedback from the community and have decided to make this a weekly thing as long as all of the folk participating want to continue to provide us with grades.

Several new sites have been added to the chart and next week we might add some more. The new grades for Episode 6x03 What Kate Does pushed the grade up one notch from C+ to a B- while the premiere stayed at an A-.

Besides the Candidate Cave, one of my favorite scenes took place off island when Locke meets Ben as a teacher. I couldn't stop laughing. Just loved it. BTW, Terry O' Quinn and Josh Holloway are acting their A$$s off!

Quote of the Week:
"You give me a John Locke episode and I'm a happy person"

So please discuss and comment below if you agree with the ratings.

Thanks once again to all that have participated. Don't forget to check out their recaps and sites via the following links:

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