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Episode 6x05 Lighthouse - ODI LOSTometer Episode Grade

Hey All,
I really liked this week's episode but felt a few moments on island during the Crazy Claire scenes just did not sit well with me. Don't get me wrong I think Evil Claire is badass and MiB as her friend is cool, but I preferred what was happening with Jack and Hurley at the Lighthouse. Seeing the numbers associated to the Losties and to get that confirmation that someone was watching these characters was pretty cool.

I thought seeing Jack having Daddy Issues with his very own son was pretty cool as well.

Most of the graders seemed to like the episode quite a bit but a few of them thought it was not that great. Still the lowest grade given this week was a B- and the episode ended up with an average grade of a B+.

Quote of the Week via DocArzt about his grade of a "B": Well, first let me say that a B for an episode of LOST still ranks it higher than anything else on television. What made the episode less than perfect for me, frankly, was the redundancy. Maybe Jack and Hurley’s quest will payoff later on but for now it really just seemed to reiterate things we already knew: numbers represent survivors; Jacob was watching people; yadda yadda. I’m intrigued by the introduction of David, but in a season where we are supposed to be getting answers I thought the flash-sideways would have paid off better if we had learned who his mother is. It felt like an extraneous mystery considering what we are already dealing with.

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NOTE: A++ grades were scored as an A+