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Episode 6x04 -- Sympathy for the Devil

Note: Sorry for the delay once again. This was originally composed after the airing of 6x04, “The Substitute”, but became “trapped” sort of like MIB in a suddenly corrupted version of good ol' Microsoft Word. Thank goodness for the wonderful “Open Office”, the software That Has Saved (It) All.

INTRO: On with the Show

This week’s Locke-centric “The Substitute” was probably the best thing that could have happened to soothe all of the restless natives out in the LOST-iverse who cried “filler” after last week’s slow-but-steady focus on Kate Austen. I mean really, who doesn’t get a kick from Locke’s story? Even if he isn’t your favorite character, you have to admit that after all that has happened to the man, his tale is arguably the most epic of all of LOST’s characters. Now, in this final season, I feel somewhat saddened by the thought that this could very well have been the last episode which centers on this amazing man’s tale.

But enough of my mushy sentimentalizing. This is Locke’s time and there’s always more than plenty to cover in one of his installments. So let’s get to it!