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Episode 6x08 Recon - ODI LOSTometer Episode Grade Chart

Hey All,
Below is this week's ODI LOSTometer Episode Grading chart. As expected from the mixed reaction from fans resulting in some lowered ratings, the blogger/media world felt the same way.

Some thought it was awesome and gave the episode an A+, while others just did like it and gave it a C+. The wide range resulted in a average grade of a B- putting it at the level of What Kate Does. I am sure many of you would disagree with the lower grade, but then again a B- is still a good grade. Also there is a little range for each grade level and WKD is at the bottom of that range close to a C+ and Recon was a solid B- so for those that want to rank and keep score, Recon did score higher that WKD but both end up with the same grade.

For me, this week's Sawyer flash sideways seemed a little too cop procedural and soap opera but it was interesting to see James still looking for Cooper but this time around as a cop. The on-island stuff was much more interesting to me especially the con Sawyer is trying to pull on Widmore and MiB, but I am still not down with Zombie Sayid and Crazy Claire, but was cool to see Smokey slap her silly.

BTW, Karen mentioned she ALMOST gave this episode an A, but decided to keep the streak alive and give it an A+.

Quote of the Week via Seat42F: "Seems like an interesting transition episode and well we need to save the A+ for next week :)"

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