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ODI LOSTcast 57 - Episode 6x08 Recon Recap

Hey All,
With most of you on the east coast or across the world now getting ready for tonight's episode 6x09, I am sure that the recap of last week's episode is not on the top of your list of things to listen to.

However, this week as always Karen, Danny and myself analyze the off and on island fun. We chat about some of things we did not like and how some stuff did not seem to fit, but there were several important scenes we chatted about including Sawyer smashing the mirror, Little House on the Prairie, Sawyer setting up a con of Widmore and MiB and of course MiB talking to Kate about having a crazy mom and much more!

Plus I make an announcement of who our special guests will be this week!

If you are on the west coast or will not be watching the live feed, check out the recap podcast below!

This podcast was posted on iTunes earlier today but here is the audio player and download link:

ODI LOSTcast 57 - Episode 6x08 Recon Recap

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