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Episode 5x02 The Lie - Ana-Lucia Gives Hurley Advice

So some of you must be wondering why I am posting a clip from Season 5? Well this one seems pretty important if you think about it.

Especially if you are a listener of our podcast, this clip is very important to understand where my podcast partners Danny (Vozzek) and Karen are coming from.

Ghost Ana-Lucia in Oceanic 6 (ALT Timeline?) off-island time visits Hurley while Sayid is sleeping (yes knocked out by drug darts) says "what IF I were real" and that he has a lot of work to do. She ends it with the infamous "Libby says hi."

So whether you listen to the podcast or read their recaps, this clip must mean so much more after watching the events of Season 6. So did Ghost Ana Lucia come from the "other side" ala other characters. What about Charlie as well? Of course this episode is after all title "The Lie".

Is there an outside the island world that the dead or even "alive" are trying to help our LOST Losties find their way and wake up?