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Episode 6x10 The Package - What Does Keamy Say to Jin??

So during last week's episode one of the most discussed moments this week has been WTF did Keamy say to Jin in the fridge when he was tying him up.

There are two sides, either you believe he says "what happened to the island" OR "what happened to you".

Yes the island and you do not even sound anything alike, but apparently Jorge Garcia and Kevin Durand have confirmed that the script says "you". Most fans are satisfied with that answer but I am not.

It is very possible that audio can be changed in post or they are trying to keep something hidden from us. If I am wrong I will admit it, but if you listen to the clip it clearly does not sound like "you" at all and he does say that word a split second before AND later. So I am ruling out the word "you". It is not so clear he says "the island" but if you listen to the clip below and I promise I did not alter it, but did loop it for you all to hear.

BTW, this IS important because if he did say "the island" then the ALT Keamy knows what is up and the whole story changes.

So listen and vote below! What do you think??