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ODI LOSTcast 60 - Episode 6x10 The Package Recap

Hey All,
This week we were joined by another special guest. This week Ryan McGee the LOST blogger at Zap2It joined us for the first half of the podcast and we had some great discussion about the flash sideways.

There was plenty to discuss this week with Sun knocking herself out and waking up in the flash sideways possibly, Keamy possibly saying "the island" to Jin, MiB meeting Widmore, the return of Desmond and much more!

This podcast was posted to iTunes earlier, but below is an audio player and download link for you all to enjoy!

I know most of you around the world and on the east coast are getting ready for tonight's episode, but for those that will listen hope you enjoy!

ODI LOSTcast 60 - Episode 6x10 The Package Recap

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