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Episode 6x11 - ODI LOSTometer Episode Grade Chart

Hey All,
This past week's episode was amazing and as always Henry Ian Cusick did a great job portraying Desmond. Desmond episodes seem to stand above the other episodes and this week was no different.

The writers did a great job once again with Desmond time traveling/flashing through time and worlds and Charlie's return and underwater scene were fantastic. The fact that ALT Desmond finally has Widmore's approval but not Penny's love was an interesting twist but as always Desmond and Penny's love can not be stopped no matter how much Hawking and Widmore want to keep them apart.

There was so much in this episode including Faraday and Minkowski's cameos that were right on the dot with ALT musician Faraday telling a story of love at first sight causing him to remember that he was a nuclear bomb blowing scientist in the Island timeline and Minkowski the driver providing Desmond with what ever he desires.

The graders once again were fairly unanimous with their grades and the episode had a final average grade of an "A". Several gave the episode an A+, but there were too many As that lead to the average overall grade.

Quote of the Week via Erin at LOST Blog:
"I COMPLETELY loved this, it was exactly what I always hope for in a LOST episode – some answers, some tying together, some more questions, sideways time and island time, long lost characters, some great sciency things, plus some faith. LOVE IT!"

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NOTE: All A+ grades with multiple "+" signs are scored as "A+". Also with the new graders added over the last few weeks two episodes grades have a lower average grade now and are shown with the light red color.