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ODI LOSTcast 61 - Theories with EW's Jeff Jensen

Hey All,
This week we are back with another bonus podcast with EW's Jeff Jensen aka Doc Jensen. The last time when Jeff joined us a few weeks ago, many of you loved the podcast so much that we asked him to come back and he did. This time both Karen and Danny (Vozzek) were a part of the podcast and it made for some good theorizing.

We mainly talked to Jeff about his thoughts on the reveals from this past week's LOST Episode 6x11 Happily Ever After. We also talked more about what Keamy said to Jin in the fridge last week and how we think the rest of the season might play out.

So hope you all enjoy it!

NOTE: We will still have the weekly recap podcast out soon.

You can find this podcast at iTunes or via the audio player or download link below.

ODI LOSTcast 61 - Theories with EW's Jeff Jensen

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