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LOST Season 1 Deleted Scene Appears in Fringe ALT World

So for those of you that have been watching Fringe know that it is all about the ALT world and traveling between the two worlds.

So in last night's Fringe Episode, there was a moment that the two worlds crossed causing a electronic/static disturbance in the TV Broadcasting.

So the Fringe team is watching the broadcast as a part of their investigation and you see the screen flicker and flashes of the ALT world broadcast appear. Of course fans have screencapped those moments and well guess what? We get a quick look at the LOST deleted scene from Season 1 with Claire and the Pilot Seth at the airport before flight 815.

Not sure what it means, but just a nice nod to LOST and apparently that Flight 815 and Oceanic Airlines exists in the Fringe ALT World.

Thanks to our good friends at Fringe Television for the screencaps and you can see the actual LOST deleted scene below:

(Click to Enlarge)