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ODI LOST Podcast Update - April 27th

Hey All,
Thanks for the emails and Tweets about a new podcast.

We are planning to have TWO new podcasts out over the next week, so keep your eyes and ears open.

The Episode 6x13 The Last Recruit podcast with Karen and Danny (Vozzek) has been recorded and is currently in the editing stages.

However we are planning a bonus podcast as well!

Tomorrow LOST Blogger Erika Olsen from LongLiveLocke.com will be joining us to talk about Season 6 and what we think will happen over the last 5 hours of the show.

Also if all goes well I will be chatting with DarkUFO later this week about his plans post LOST, what he thinks is happening on the show and I am sure we will chat up some spoilers!

So if you guys have any questions about our thoughts on Season 6 now is the time to get them sent in! Of course if you have questions for Erika or Dark please post those below as well!