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Episode 6x14 The Candidate - LOSTometer Episode Grade Chart

Hey All,
Happy LOST Day!!

So last week's episode 6x14 The Candidate was very emotional and many fans reacted in different ways. Some were quite upset with the writers while most loved the episode. The episode was packed with great action on island and the flash sideways moments off island were filled with some interesting moments.

Many of the news and blog sites said they enjoyed it and the final average grade for the episode was an "A-". This was the first time this season that a grade was on the border and could easily have been an "A" if couple of more grades were higher.

So what did you all think??

Quote of the Week via Lyly: I liked the episode but it shocked me a lot. Maybe it's because I was shocked and why I can't give it an A+ because it would be lying to myself to say I adored it which I don't really since our Losties are dead. I can't enjoy it but it was a great episode, do you understand my dilemma?

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