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Well here we are on the home stretch towards the ending of one of, if not THE best television series of all time. I know that I am not the only one with a supreme mixture of emotions during these last days leading up to the big finale. The bittersweet feeling I am sensing from the whole of the LOSTiverse is quite overwhelming.

For so many of us, LOST has been more than just a "show". We have learned fascinating new things as we have witnessed the story unfold; things about friendship, courage, teamwork, love, family, philosophy, spirituality, mythology, science, medicine. LOST has enabled us to become experts at both creative nicknaming, and the art of applying themes from Star Wars to almost any given situation. We now know how not to handle dynamite. And LOST has taught us that instead of only seeing the world in black and white, it is good practice to often exist in the gray areas.

In addition, many of us have gathered into various groups to discuss the show with like-minded folks, and even more have joined online forums and communities, some venturing onto social networking sites and message boards for the first time ever simply to share this addiction to The Island and the survivors of Flight 815. Many have created blogs and have dedicated countless, sleepless nights to analyzing every aspect of every episode. Others have been inspired to experiment and play with the imagery and have made artwork, videos, poetry, and all manner of memorabilia in honor of their favorite themes from the show.

No matter what form our love for LOST has taken, the overriding aspect is that we have been MOVED in one way or another out from the framework of passive viewing and into the realm of actual participation. What so many outsiders fail to understand is that LOST has become very much an EXPERIENCE. It has completely transcended the television screen and has literally changed our lives. Because if it's very nature of being a story-as-matryoshka-doll, each person gains something different from their experience. You can watch LOST and enjoy it on whatever level you choose, but just when you think you have reached the furthest point that it can take you, yet another layer of meaning is suddenly uncovered.

Best of all, the show has caused us to form long-lasting bonds with fans all over the globe. In the past we have migrated in numbers to join together at the San Diego Comic Con, or more recently the season 6 premiere in Hawaii, or the LOST Live event this past weekend.

Now we come together in this final week to enjoy the brilliance that is LOST one last time. Life now imitates art, as we all prepare to Watch (the finale) Together, Cry (that it's over) Alone. ;-)

BUT BEFORE IT ALL ENDS, The Four Toed Foot wants to celebrate by holding one final CONTEST!!!!


It was my every intention to have this posted on Saturday, but logistics needed to be fully worked out. In addition, prizes needed to be secured. Several items were specially ordered and I wanted to make sure they arrived safely to my doorstep.

To those of you who participated in The 4TF Final Season Challenge back in January, I wanted to let you know that this contest is definitely not as intensive or time-consuming as that one was.

In fact, it's quite simple!


To enter, you will need to write 4 sentences that answers the following question:

What do YOU think The Island really is?

Make sure that your answer is EXACTLY 4 sentences...no more, no less.

Email your entries with the subject line "4TF Contest" to:

Please include your real name, your "alias" if you have one and don't want your real name to be published, and one alternate method of contact besides your main email address (Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc.).


Obviously we want to have the entries in before the finale airs Sunday night. Any submissions received after this deadline will NOT move on to the panel of judges, but will be included in the final group answers post. (see below)

By entering this contest, you agree to allow your entry to be published in a group entries article following the announcement of the winners. The purpose of the group post is to showcase all answers to the question for everyone to read and enjoy.

In addition to yours truly, I have invited 3 special guest LOST addicts/aficionados/experts to help judge the answers entered. These are folks whom you may have see in various LOST-related places on the interwebs. The judges panel will be announced THURSDAY MAY 20.

All entries will be judged on the following 4 points:

1) Adherence to the Rules: Is it in the correct entry format and exactly 4 sentences, and in before the deadline?

2) Creativity / Originality: Is it a totally new idea / take on things? Or is it built on one of the many pre-existing theories floating around already? (We realize it is possible for people to come up with the same idea, but if you lifted yours without giving it your own twist, we will know!)

3) Plausibility / Acceptability: How likely is the answer to be something that would actually be explained on the show? Does it seem like an answer that would satisfy the majority of fans? How in-tune is the answer with what we know about the show's creatives (writers, producers, directors) in regards to how they typically reveal (or not reveal) LOST's mysteries?

4) Accuracy: How close is the answer to what we ultimately learn about the Island (if anything) by the end of the series?

NOTE: We are quite aware that there are spoilers abound, so criteria #4 will not account for as much weight as the other 3 points.

The top 4 entries as deemed by the judges panel will be the winners. There will be a Grand Prize, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place levels. The prizes "packages" awarded will contain various LOST collectibles given with each of the 4 prize tiers. The contents of each prize package level will be posted on THURSDAY MAY 20, along with photographs of each.


Prizes have now been posted - click here to see photos and complete listings!


To give you an idea of the different items up for grabs, the following is a partial listing:

* LOST Kubricks -- Jack + Bearbrick Set / Jack / Kate  (Very rare & hard to find!)
* Official LOST Magazines  (Great collectibles full of behind-the-scenes info and photos!)
* Complete LOST Trading Card Base Sets by Inkworks -- Season 2 and 3  (Out of print!)
* Official Apollo Chocolate Bars  (From Season 2's "The LOST Experience" 2006!)
* Oceanic Airlines Luggage Tag  (From Comic Con 2007)
* Authentic LOST Trading Cards -- Autograph Cards / Costume Cards  (Out of Print!)

Plus MUCH more!!!

BONUS for ALL: Feel free to Download the Wallpaper Hi-Res version of the 4 4 4 4 Contest Poster!
1560 x 1600

I would just like to personally thank you and extend my appreciation to anyone and everyone who has been a visitor to this blog, read my articles, commented the posts, entered contests, and/or generally followed along during this journey.

Although I am not the fastest writer, nor the most consistent, I so sincerely hope that you have found the articles I post to be of some substance and perhaps even at times worth the wait. Your feedback over the years has been a joy. Being able to discuss the show in this format has not only led to other opportunities and exposure, but it has also allowed me the pleasure of getting to know even more of the fans out there.

I will continue to keep 4TF running, and plan to post about LOST for a long time to come. I will also be keeping up with FRINGE, Doctor Who, and several other shows tha tickle my fancy and fall into the science-fiction realm. Of course I will be keeping up with J.J. Abrams and his constant stream of projects, such as the upcoming "Super 8" movie collaboration with Stephen Spielberg.

Several years ago when another one of my favorite series, the X-files, ended it's 9-year run, I just knew there would never be another show as brilliant that would fill the hole that had been left in my heart.

Then LOST came along and proved me 100% wrong.

I know many of us are now feeling this same way about LOST. It will probably be several years before television conjures up another magical series where everything just works. I have no doubt this will happen, but it's going to be a bit of a wait.

Besides, no matter how hard the networks try to recreate it, we all know that there will NEVER be another LOST.

Thank you to all who have made this show and experience such a joy in my life.


This concludes the first post of the 4 4 4 4 Four for the Finale LOST Challenge! Now, go write and get those entries in!!!