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Ilana Was Supposed to be Jacob's Daughter??

A while ago at the start of Season 6 we broke the news that Illana was actually Jacob daughter. However this spoiler never came out in the episode and we suspected it was due to that particular scene being cut. Today the actress, Zuleikha Robinson, confirms that she was initially intended to be Jacob's daughter but this plotline was dropped.

Thanks to FutureMan for the heads up.

A bit of breaking "Lost" news (well, as breaking as news can be about a character who died four episodes ago): Ilana Verdansky was Jacob's daughter.

That's what Zuleikha Robinson, the actress who played the vest-wearing Ajira Airlines flight survivor, revealed at the Wednesday opening of a "Lost" gallery exhibit at the Vilcek Foundation in New York. She was chatting with me and another journalist when we asked if she could tell us anything more about her character's relevance to the broader narrative on the show.

"I was supposed to be Jacob's daughter," she confirmed, adding that the writers ultimately decided they didn't have enough time to fully address that part of the "Lost" saga in the number of episodes they had left. Which is why Ilana got the "Boom goes the dynamite!" treatment in "Everybody Loves Hugo," accidentally blowing herself to smithereens after mishandling some explosive sticks.

Source: Full Article at Washington Post