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Dharma Special Access - Week 7 Email and Video

Hey All,
The latest DSA email and video have been released.

This week's video is a behind the scenes look at the LOST post-production and Writer's offices. It is a really cool video and can be accessed via using the new password "Holma".

All of the passwords have had some sort of connection to Season 5 and Holma is actually a language of Nigeria and Cameroon. Perhaps a connection to Eko and Yemi!?

Here is more details from this site UNESCO:
Holma was spoken by a small ethnic community of the same name. The Holma adopted the culture and language of the Fulani and the Holma language has been replaced by Fulfulde. Only a few old men are able to speak the language of their forefathers.

Well here is the video and a few screencaps to enjoy!!

NOTE: There are some minor spoilers because it shows the who is "Alive", "Dead" and "Undead" on the wall n the writers room.