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LOST Writers on their New Show Once Upon a Time

Two of the LOST writers Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis (wrote most of Hurely's episodes) have a new show called Once Upon a Time and it finally premieres this week and you can check them out in this new video:

My Interview with CNN about Michael Emerson on Person of Interest

Hey Losties,
Hope you all are doing well??

Seven years ago today, most of our lives were changed with a plane crash in the pilot of LOST. At the time most of us did not know each other, most of us did not know about social media, and most of us just watched TV to just watch it.

However, our passion for LOST allowed many of us to meet online start interacting and began a revolution that changed the way TV is consumed and talked about today. I am very thankful for all of the friendships I have formed and for the opportunities that have arisen from our love for LOST.

Last week, thanks to my good friend DarkUFO and the growth of SpoilerTV, I was given an opportunity to speak with CNN to talk about Michael Emerson and his role on LOST and how it relates to his new show that starts tonight, Person of Interest on CBS.

Here is a link to the very cool write up by CNN's Geek Out blog:


LOST at SDCC2011 - New Clip and Damon n Carlton Crash EW Panel

So for those of you that do not know, EW had a LOST: One Year Later panel and both Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse crashed the panel! Now how they crashed was the whole unique surprise.

Over the last week or so on Twitter, Damon and Carlton have been going back and forth about something called the "Marble Rye". Of course as LOST fans know they love using code words for secret clips/scenes. So at the panel hosts our good friend Jeff Jensen and Dan Snierson, had some nice friendly banter go back and forth about whether they should reveal the clip.

At that point things got a little crazy, not to ruin the surprise check out the first clip to see what happened. The secret Marble Rye clip was eventually played and that is the second video below. It was a "deleted scene" from Season 1 with Jack and Locke but there are two other cast members we never saw before.


LOST Season 1 Exodus Deleted Scene

ODI LOST Podcast 75 - We Have to Go Back - John Locke

Hey All,
I know it has been a few weeks since our last podcast, so I am sure you all happy to see this new one!

In this podcast we chat about the early days of John Locke, his evolution as a character, connection to the Island and Smoke Monster and his legacy.

We also talk briefly about his relationship with Jack and also Walt.

Thanks for all the great feedback for the last podcast and we will hopefully do another one in a few weeks!


NOTE: The podcast can be found on iTunes or you can simply use the audio player below or the download link below the player.

ODI LOST Podcast 75 - We Have to Go Back - John Locke

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LOST at Comic Con 2011

Hey Losties,
Hope you are all doing well??

Karen, Danny and I are trying to get our schedules together so we can record another podcast for you guys and that will hopefully be soon!

In the meantime, I just wanted to let you know I will be heading to Comic Con and for those of you that will be there and missing LOST, EW will be hosting a small panel on Friday afternoon called Totally LOST.

Here are the details of the panel that will be hosted by our good friend Jeff Jensen:

3:30-4:30 Entertainment Weekly Presents...Totally LOST: One Year Later— EW's Lost gurus Jeff "Doc" Jensen and Dan "Dan" Snierson wax nostalgic about the past, perhaps with a surprise guest or two, and discuss how they're "moving on" in the wake of Lost's departure from the air a year ago. The duo will look to the future by previewing promising TV obsessions. Room 5AB

ODI LOST Podcast 74 - We Have to Go Back - Pilot Episode: Jack

Hey Everyone!
Hope you are all doing great?? So as promised we are back to do more LOST podcasts!

The whole team is back including myself, Vozzek aka Danny and of course fan favorite and Queen of LOST and rock star Karen!

So when we started chatting about what we should do for our new podcasts we threw several ideas around but one of the central themes was to look back at some of the earlier mysteries, subjects, episodes and more based on what we all now know or think we know. ;)

So we felt that we should start all the way back at Season 1 with the Pilot episode and then work our way through the seasons focusing on several topics, characters and mysteries. Not really going episode to episode in a traditional rewatch, but to tackle the major points. So it will vary with each podcast until we find some sort of set formula. Of course if you guys have thoughts, questions, ideas or topics you want us to cover we are an open book and this is your opportunity to hear our thoughts.

These new podcasts might not be as long as our traditional recap podcasts, but we are still having a bunch of fun and talking about crazy ideas. Also, we will do our best to keep it real and relate it to how the show ended.

So enough of my thoughts, we all are really excited to be doing this again and we look forward to trying to give you all some podcasts on a regular basis. I doubt it will be weekly, but maybe every couple of weeks or so. Make sure you let all of your Lostie friends know we are back and that they should subscribe again if they unsubscribed.

This new podcast was posted on iTunes last night and it already has several hundred downloads so I appreciate all of you staying loyal to LOST and our podcast. If you can not access iTunes here is an audio player with a download link.


NOTE: For those wondering why I changed the player to the new blue color scheme, well I am hosting the new SpoilerTV podcast where we cover several other shows and movies, but that is the color scheme there. Just FYI, Danny and Karen did join me a couple of weeks ago to chat about Game of Thrones and Fringe. So if you are into those shows, head over to SpoilerTV.com and find that podcast there!

ODI LOST Podcast 74 - We Have to Go Back - Pilot Episode: Jack

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LOST One Year Later: Looking Back at the End via MTV

Hey All,
I was one of the lucky few to get an opportunity to speak with MTV about the one year anniversary of the LOST Finale The End.

It is absolutely crazy to think it has been a year and I miss talking about the show and interacting and chatting with you all.

Thanks to six AWESOME seasons and years to all of you out there and of course everyone that was involved with making the greatest TV show ever!

Enjoy the video which also includes my good friends Erika Olson from Long Live Locke and Jo from Jopinionated!

LOST Podcast Update and Hosting the New SpoilerTV Podcast!

Hey All,
For those of you that have not seen the news I am hosting the new SpoilerTV podcast along with another member of the STV team Adam D. Harris. We put out our first podcast today and will be covering all the top shows today and any of the latest movie buzz.

This week's podcast covers Game of Thrones, Fringe, Smallville, various TV spoilers and teasers and some Summer Movie news.

If this is something you are interested to listen to please check it out here:


I have spoken with Karen and Danny and they both are will to be a part of the podcast at some point. We also will be putting out more LOST podcasts soon. We are thinking to probably do shorter theory based podcasts that also answer fan questions.

So feel free to email questions or leave comments here!

Hope you are all well and have a Happy Easter and Earth Day!

ODI LOST Podcast 73 - Series Finale Recap Part 2 and New Man in Charge

Hey All,
So the podcast is finally here!!

Once again thanks to all of you that were very patient to wait to listen to this podcast.

It was great to chat with both Danny and Karen and in this second part of the recap we covered every aspect of the on-island adventures of the Losties and the epilogue The New Man in Charge.

The podcast was posted on iTunes yesterday and thanks to all the Facebook comments and Twitter posts to those of you that have already listened to the podcast.

I hope you all enjoy and we look forward to getting together to do another podcast soon!

For those that can't access it via iTunes here is an audio player that includes all 3 hours of fun!

ODI LOST Podcast 73 - Series Finale Recap Part 2 and New Man in Charge
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Recording a New Podcast - UPDATE

Well settling in to the new house took much longer than I expected. As some of you know I began editing slowly the old podcast a couple of weeks ago.

However, as I began editing I realized how dated the thoughts were, because much of the chat was about Comic Con and other things as well. Some of you might still be interested in that stuff and maybe one day it will make it live.

I spoke with Karen and Danny and we have decided to just record a fresh new podcast that will also include our thoughts on The New Man in Charge.

This does not mean we did not record a podcast back then, we did and it is 5+ hours of audio that is filled with all sorts of stuff that is not only about the finale. As I began editing out the other stuff and keep just the finale info, I realized it was becoming a much much bigger task than I expected.

So bottomline is we are working our schedules out and hoping to record it this week and if you trust me I promise to edit it quickly and get it out to you.

Once again this might not be the news you want, but I am trying to do my best.

We miss you all, the podcast and LOST quite a bit and can't wait to have you all listen to our voices again.

Thanks to those of you that are still waiting patiently and are willing to still listen.

If there is a specific question you might want answered about the finale please feel free to leave it in the comments below and we will try to answer it when we record.