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Recording a New Podcast - UPDATE

Well settling in to the new house took much longer than I expected. As some of you know I began editing slowly the old podcast a couple of weeks ago.

However, as I began editing I realized how dated the thoughts were, because much of the chat was about Comic Con and other things as well. Some of you might still be interested in that stuff and maybe one day it will make it live.

I spoke with Karen and Danny and we have decided to just record a fresh new podcast that will also include our thoughts on The New Man in Charge.

This does not mean we did not record a podcast back then, we did and it is 5+ hours of audio that is filled with all sorts of stuff that is not only about the finale. As I began editing out the other stuff and keep just the finale info, I realized it was becoming a much much bigger task than I expected.

So bottomline is we are working our schedules out and hoping to record it this week and if you trust me I promise to edit it quickly and get it out to you.

Once again this might not be the news you want, but I am trying to do my best.

We miss you all, the podcast and LOST quite a bit and can't wait to have you all listen to our voices again.

Thanks to those of you that are still waiting patiently and are willing to still listen.

If there is a specific question you might want answered about the finale please feel free to leave it in the comments below and we will try to answer it when we record.