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My Interview with CNN about Michael Emerson on Person of Interest

Hey Losties,
Hope you all are doing well??

Seven years ago today, most of our lives were changed with a plane crash in the pilot of LOST. At the time most of us did not know each other, most of us did not know about social media, and most of us just watched TV to just watch it.

However, our passion for LOST allowed many of us to meet online start interacting and began a revolution that changed the way TV is consumed and talked about today. I am very thankful for all of the friendships I have formed and for the opportunities that have arisen from our love for LOST.

Last week, thanks to my good friend DarkUFO and the growth of SpoilerTV, I was given an opportunity to speak with CNN to talk about Michael Emerson and his role on LOST and how it relates to his new show that starts tonight, Person of Interest on CBS.

Here is a link to the very cool write up by CNN's Geek Out blog: