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LOST at SDCC2011 - New Clip and Damon n Carlton Crash EW Panel

So for those of you that do not know, EW had a LOST: One Year Later panel and both Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse crashed the panel! Now how they crashed was the whole unique surprise.

Over the last week or so on Twitter, Damon and Carlton have been going back and forth about something called the "Marble Rye". Of course as LOST fans know they love using code words for secret clips/scenes. So at the panel hosts our good friend Jeff Jensen and Dan Snierson, had some nice friendly banter go back and forth about whether they should reveal the clip.

At that point things got a little crazy, not to ruin the surprise check out the first clip to see what happened. The secret Marble Rye clip was eventually played and that is the second video below. It was a "deleted scene" from Season 1 with Jack and Locke but there are two other cast members we never saw before.


LOST Season 1 Exodus Deleted Scene