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ODI LOST Podcast 46 - Interview with New Cast Member

Hey All,
WOW! Only 2 weeks away from the LOST Season 6 Premiere! I can't believe we are almost there!

I would like to first say I apologize we were not able to get out a podcast over the last several months. We appreciate ALL of the emails, messages and Tweets asking about the podcast and hope you all understand. There were just too many things that happened and the time to edit was not there.

However, don't worry we are back!! We recorded 4 podcasts over the last few months and will release them all before the premiere.

Both Karen and Vozzek are back and we will be hopefully be recording something new soon!

In this podcast Karen and I interview a new cast member of LOST who has a minor role in season 6 (that is what they want us to believe) but is also an actor that has a recurring role on the show Heroes.

Please keep in mind the first half of the podcast is spoiler-free except it obviously reveals who the actor is and for some that is a spoiler. We then discuss their career, their role on Heroes and then talk LOST.

So there are over 40 minutes of spoiler-free talk with a minor spoiler of who the guest is.

So if you don't mind a minor spoiler and really miss us, below the audio player with a download link to the MP3 file.

Welcome back and enjoy!!

NOTE: Don't forget you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and download or listen on your iPods and iPhones.

Podcast Breakdown:
1) Intro, Podcast Update and LOST News
2) Interview Begins: 8 Min Mark
3) Heroes Talk: 20 Min Mark
4) LOST Spoilers: 44 Min Mark - We discuss his character and role based on set reports. He does not confirm or deny really anything and does a good job of avoiding our questions. :)

ODI LOST Podcast 46 - Interview with Cast Member

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