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ODI LOST Podcast 47 - Interview with Billy Ray Gallion and More!!

Hey All,
So on the eve of the LOST Season 6 Premiere at Sunset on the Beach in Oahu we are ONLY a few days away from the full premiere on ABC!

I am so happy for all of the lucky Losties including our podcast partner Karen who is in Oahu right now enjoying all the festivities!

We will cover all festivities here and in the spoilers sections of the site as well.

As far as the podcast goes, this is a Super-Sized podcast with three main segments.

The first segment is Karen, Vozzek and myself catching up and providing you all with our thoughts and expectations for Season 6. The second segment is the interview that Karen and I did with actor Billy Ray Gallion who plays Randy Nations (aka Locke's Boss at the Box Company). The third segment is the spoiler segment, which is the first half a spoilers podcast I did with my good friend Mister Payne.

There is a ton of great content and I hope you all enjoy it!

You can find Billy Ray Gallion on his Facebook Fanpage here:


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ODI LOST Podcast 47 - Interview with Billy Ray Gallion and More!!

1) Intro and Podcast Update
2) 4 Minute Mark: Vozzek, Karen and The ODI catch up and discuss our expectations of Season 6
3) 56 Minute Mark: Interview with Bill Ray Gallion (Minor Spoilers Begin at 84 Minute Mark)
4) 99 Minute Mark: Spoilers Segment with Mister Payne and The ODI

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