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ODI LOSTcast 48 - Interview with Erika Olsen - Were we Right!?

Hey All,
Last week when I posted the last podcast I promised we would get another super-sized podcast out to you before the season 6 premiere, but unfortunately I was inundated with work and was not able to post this sooner.

After editing and listening to the podcast I realized that it is actually better to listen to this podcast after the premiere. A little over four months ago we recorded an interview with LOST Recapper Erika Olson. Yup, the same Erika that posts her recaps on DarkUFO amd has her own site LongLiveLocke.com.

At the time it was Erika's first ever podcast and we talked to her about how she began doing recaps, her thoughts on Season 5 and we all talked about Season 6. The day we recorded the podcast was the same day the title for the Season 6 premiere was released and each one of us guessed what "LA X" could mean and what we thought would happen.

So do you think we were right? Well check out the podcast and find out how close we were or how crazy our theories are?? I will say one of us got pretty close to guessing what would happen.

After the interview with Erika, there is a spoilers segment which is Part 2 of the Season 6 Spoilers Show I did with Mister Payne.

NOTE: We have already recorded half of our Season 6 Premiere Recap show and will have that posted in the next couple of days. So keep your eyes open for that.

This podcast was put on iTunes yesterday and you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so you can listen on your iPods and iPhones.

For those of you that can not use iTunes here is the audio player and a download link:

ODI LOST Podcast 48 - Interview with Erika Olson

1) Intro and Podcast Update
2) 4 Minute Mark: Erika, Vozzek, Karen, and The ODI talk about Season 5 and discuss our expectations for the Season 6 Premiere
3) 97 Minute Mark: Spoilers Segment with Mister Payne and The ODI

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