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Find LOST in Marvel Comics

ABC and Marvel comics have teamed up in a marketing campaign for LOST. Season 4 of LOST begins next week on Jan. 31st at 9PM, but if you are a comic book fan, you will be able to find references to LOST in several comics.

In a trend that has become very common recently, LOST references in other parts of pop culture, you can add this marketing campaign to the growing list or references. The references will be found in several of fan favorite comics including, "Uncanny X-Men," "Incredible Hercules," "Thunderbolts" and "Wolverine Origins".

Actually about a month ago I posted a LOST reference (LOST Kate Poster) in a Marvel comic called Thunderbolts and you can see it here:

LOST Reference in Thunderbots #118

Here are more details about the references.

Fans can now discover elements from the hit series "Lost" in Marvel Comics. ABC marketing has strategically placed images and references from the show in various comic books, including "Uncanny X-Men," "Incredible Hercules," "Thunderbolts" and "Wolverine Origins" on sale now.

Examples of "Lost" references include a "Lost" poster, the number 6, and the slogan "Find Yourself" in the latest editions of numerous Marvel comics throughout the month. Expect more "Lost" placements to pop up in comic books on stands January 23 and January 30.

Source: ABC