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Q&A with LOST Writer -- Answers Part 3

Hey All,
Once again thanks for participating!! Here is the third set of answers, don't worry there will be more answers to follow.

As always there are some minor spoilers that are hidden via invisio, so if I missed something I apologize and please let me know so I can correct it.

Also if you missed the previous answers here are the links to the previous posts:

Q&A Answers Part 1 | Q&A Answers Part 2

If your question has not been answered it is most likely still on the list or it was a duplicate question and removed.

NOTE: Please read previous answers so questions are not duplicated and also please keep in mind there is still a list with 100s of questions to still be answered.

71. This is awesome!! Be sure to thank the writer for doing this for us!

I love this show and just wanted to ask..

Back in season 1, Charlie says he wasn't able to help Joanna (who drowned in ep. 6 I believe) because he doesn't swim. Similarly, Desmond saw a flash of Charlie drowning trying to save Claire from the same fate. However, in Greatest Hits, Charlie is revealed to have apparently been a great swimmer. Is this a big continuity error? Or a discrepancy that will somehow be explained?

This is just an error because of 2 different people writing the scripts

Clue (Spoiler):
There is actually a theory on Barbara Joanna Miller on some LOST fansites that state what happened to her in Season 1 and yes the theory is correct.
(End Spoiler)

72.This may seem like an odd question but its been bothering me forever and I must know the answer...

In season 1 a woman was drowning in the water and Charlie said "I don't swim, I don't swim" and in season 2.. in his dream/hallucination hes swimming... and then suddenly in season 3 he seems to be an all star swimmer. So my question is, whats the deal with Charlie not saving the girl in season 1?

Charlie was lying because he was afraid

73.Why did Kate run to Australia when she could have disappeared elsewhere?

Kate was planning on traveling to Bali and it would have been easier for her to leave from Australia

74. How come The Others dressed up as Hillbillies?

This was all just part of an elaborate illusion

Season Two

75. Was Kate's black horse the smoke monster like Yemi was?


76.It is said we saw The Monster in season two, but maybe didn't realize that we were looking at it. Could you give a hint? (would be nice after a couple of years headbutting :p )

Thanks !

All I can say is that the appearance of the Monster happened towards the end of the second season.

77.Thanks for the opportunity!! My question is:

The four-toed statue made our heads spin. We know somehow that it is connected to the island's past history and that it was there before the Dharma people arrived on the island. Do you have any idea of its purpose?

Yes and it will be answered (spoiler)late in Season 4 (end spoiler)

78.Why did the Others take Emma and Zack for good, but give back Walt?

It was a deal breaker

79) Will we be revisiting Radzinski, or is his story gone with Inman?

Yes, it will be back at some point

80) Was the glass eye in the Arrow really Mikhail's; will we get back to that, or is it just inferred like the polar bears coming from the Hydra?

Ummm maybe....

81) Will we, if ever, learn more about Desmond's painting in the Swan?


NOTE: The following minor and cryptic spoiler was attached to questions 79-81 because they were sent in by the same person....so I am not sure which question this is actually related to or all 3....but here you guys go...


Someone will say something about that later

End Spoiler

82. Question: Why did Ben Linus encourage Locke NOT to push the button in the hatch? If this question can't be answered at this time, will we ever find out an answer?

Ben caused Locke to question his beliefs, in other words it was all just a mind game

83. NATHAN! I really want to know why Goodwin killed Nathan in the 'Other 48 Days'? Please?

There is more to Nathan that we did not touch on in Season 2 but with Season 4 I think we will add something more to that

84. The two guys that appear at the end of season 2 speaking Portuguese. Where are they from? Because I'm from Brazil and their accent is not Brazilian. Also, it doesn't seem they are from Portugal either.

Thanks! (Sorry about my poor English)

Although their accents do not exactly match any Portuguese accent, their speech is Portuguese from Brazil.

85. I believe it was the second to the last episode of Season Two and it was right after the '4 on the list' and Michael left the camp to head to the others camp. Michael was standing alone and kind of sobbing/whining and looking down at his arm(right before Jack came up to ask him if he was ok). His arm appeared to be charred or something of the sort and I always found that extremely odd. I've verified that there weren't any other ways he could have injured himself (it is obvious that its not the gunshot wound) and so the only thing I could think of was...infection?

So if you happen to answer this question, I greatly appreciate it. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for producing an incredible story.

Originally Michael was going to have problems with his arm and it was revealed that he didn't shoot himself but something different. However, this idea was dropped by the time the next episode was written

Season Three

86.Did the Hurley Bird actually say Hurley's name?


85. In "Stranger In A Strange Land", Jack is in Pucket, Thailand. There, Achara tattoos him. But when he is on the island, Isabel says that his tattoos are written in Chinese. Is it correct? Why?

The translation given by Isabel on the show is not literally accurate.

87.Awesome idea! Thanks for partaking! My Question:

One theory I read was the painting of a dog in Jacob's house is Vincent?? Can you say if it is??

No it is not Vincent but its a dog called Ms. Honolulu (aka "Lulu"). Who can be seen in many past episodes

88. In Season 3 Epi 3 "Further Instructions" when Charlie is talking to Locke when he is making his dope tent, he says " Trees. Yea I heard they're wonderful conversationalists." Is that a inside joke to Lord of the Rings and Treebeard?

Yes, LOL it is a reference to his Lord of the Rings character that spent time talking to the Ents.

89. Will it truly be revealed what the Others were building when they were holding Jack Kate and Sawyer captive? Was it REALLY a runway?

Thanks so much!

The Others seem to have at least temporarily ceased the work on the "project". Until a certain someone gets another FB, then that is when it will be revealed what it was all really for.

90. Oh wow this is great I am so excited! Ok umm... wow this is like picking a single grain of rice out of a truckload! In "I Do" when Pickett said that "Shepherd wasn't even on Jacob's list" was it safe to say that Kate, Sawyer, and maybe Hurley WERE? And if so do you think that we would ever touch on what Jacob wanted them for besides building a runway?

Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley were taken for different reasons but that was not Jacob's List

91.If Kate, Sawyer and Hurley were on Jacob's list, what do the three of them have in common to put them on that list in the first place? If it is because they are all "bad", what has Hurley done that has made that loveable mountain "bad"?

That was not Jacob's List, also it should be noted that Carlton Cuse has stated that the reason Hurley was on the list was solely to deliver a message to the other Losties.

92.The flashlight that Ben carries into Jacob’s cabin gets broken. How come its whole again when he gets out??

Scenes are sometimes filmed at different times during the day so it can be a mistake by the props department

94. I want to know what the writers envisioned Jack's feelings for Juliet to be at the end of Season Three? While she was deceptive, then honest, he seemed to trust her to work with him re the dynamite, the plan, etc., and he looked truly concerned when she volunteered to go back with Sawyer. So, what's the story here?

Jack knows she is telling the truth and feels that he can trust her. Also it should be noted that he wants the same thing as her, which is to get off the island

95. How is it that Juliette knew about the looking glass station but Mikhail didn't?

Actually Mikhail knew about TLG but was led to believe the station was inoperable.

96.Juliet told Charlie that the station wasn't blocking the Others signals, how did Charlie learn that they were?

From Desmond's vision

97.Why did Charlie close himself in the room to die, instead of running for the scuba gear and escaping?

He wanted to help save Desmond and he also knew that he had to die to help get Claire and Arron off the island

98.What did Ben promise Juliet to get her to act as a mole?

To get off the island

99. When played backwards is there a hidden audio message buried in the film we saw in room 23, or did someone just doctor that and post it on the net?

Were Nikki & Paulo supposed to have roles that are more significant in the story, or were they meant to be killed off so soon, and if so will we ever find out what those roles were?

Nope it was filmed that way and there were a couple of Easter eggs in "Not in Portland" which shed some light on the Adam and Eve skeletons....the video is one of the Easter eggs.

Nikki and Paulo were originally supposed to be in a larger story arc. However, the producers decided back in December 06 to cut them out of the loop and kill off the two characters. No I don't think we will ever find out about those roles

By the way there is more to the meaning "Nothing stays buried long"

100. My question about "the others"...are they a big organization around the world... are there any others outside the island right now, like Mittelos Bioscience, is it working?

Yes and you will see more about this in Season 4 (end Spoiler)

That is all for now, more to follow soon.