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Find815: Oceanic Airlines Billboards Recap

**UPDATED** Sydney Billboard Found

Hey All,
Since there are multiple posts floating around with various images Dark and I felt that it would be good to organize them together in one post.

As many of you have already pointed out it seems like the billboards are located in the Oceanic Airlines' destination cities, which are listed in the ABC Press Release.

So far billboards have been found in 6 of the 9 cities. In addition to the billboards being placed in these particular cities some of them seem to have some potential easter eggs. For example, the sky being "purple" or the time on Big Ben being 8:15.

In addition to the EEs, some of you have brought up the idea that the "vacation" spots listed on the billboards could also have some meaning. Most notably why is Berlin listed as a potential destination in the Tustin, CA billboard?? Could it possibly be linked to this spoiler??

The LA billboard states that "The Adventure Begins Here" with Australia in background, I wonder if there is any meaning to all of this or is it all just viral marketing for the game??

Thanks to everyone that has sent in their images or posted them on here. I have linked all of the cities to their initial posts and provided some basic information for each location. The list is followed by the several screencaps of the billboards.

If you think I have missed anything or find something new please post a comment here or send an email to Dark or me at: mrtheodi@gmail.com.

Los Angeles, CA (Jack, Hurley): The Adventure Begins Here -- Australia
Tustin, CA (Locke): Berlin
Ames, IA (Kate): London -- Big Ben @ 8:15
Miami, FL (Juliet): Berlin
New York, NY (Michael): London
Portland, OR (Ben): Seoul, SK -- Korean Writing a Potential Spoiler as Well
Knoxville, TN (Sawyer): Los Angeles
Seoul, South Korea (Sun/Jin): Found at Taxi Stand
Sydney, Australia (Claire): LA -- Thanks to Sawyers for the heads up and Lost Ninja for finding the billboard

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