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LOST Ratings a Big Hit for ABC

So there were several questions on our minds after the premiere last night, but for ABC the biggest question was how will the ratings be!?

Well as expected LOST came back with a vengeance and won it's time slot easily...!!

With over 16 Million fans tuning in to watch the Season 4 Premiere, the DVR returns will boost this number and enhance the ratings even further.

This was the highest rated LOST since November of 2006, yes misleading because of the hiatus, but that is basically early in Season 3. Another benchmark to give you an idea of how well last night's episode performed is the comparison of the S3 Finale number of approximately ONLY 14 Million. Don't forget many felt that was the best episode of LOST ever...!!

LOST had competition, but not as stiff because of the strike several repeats aired including CSI.

Well either way it is a big win for ABC and LOST, so the key will now be can it sustain it's audience or even build on the success...!?

Here are the ratings numbers by network:

8:00pm Lost: Past, Present & Future (13.1 million)
9:00pm Lost (16.07 million)
10:02pm Eli Stone (11.62 million)

8:00pm CSI: NY (R) (8.8 million)
9:00pm CSI: (R) (11.9 million)
10:00pm Without a Trace (R) (10.4 million)

8:00pm My Name Is Earl (R) (5.3 million)
8:30pm The Office (R) (4.5 million)
9:00pm Celebrity Apprentice (7.8 million)

8:00pm Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (10.6 million)
9:00pm Don't Forget the Lyrics! (10 million)

8:00pm Smallville (3.82 million)
9:00pm Supernatural (2.99 million)

Source: DarkUFO