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Episode 4x10 - Promo Pics and Press Release Links

Hey Losties,
Yesterday we posted the promotional pictures for LOST Season 4 Episode 10 in the spoilers section of site and there are several of them!!

Yes this is one of the promo pics and sorry if you are a spoiler hater, but all this picture reveals is the return of the "Orange Shirts"!!!

Well, I know some of you like looking at the promo pics and do NOT consider them spoilers, so for those of you interested in looking at them here is the link:

Episode 4x10 - Promotional Pictures

Additionally the official ABC Press Release is also posted in the spoilers section now!!

So if you do not mind reading the guest list and episode title and description, here is the direct link:

NOTE: This link does contain some spoilers

Episode 4x10 - Official ABC Press Release

Thanks for stopping by and namaste.