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Josh Holloway to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel

LOST Star Josh Holloway has been a busy man the last week or so, being first spotted on the set of LOST filming some of the future episode, then in LAX (Los Angeles Airport) on Tuesday, and of course then ending up in Turkey later in the week to film an ice cream commercial!!

Well today we get word that Holloway will be making an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show on May 16th. Kimmel is a huge LOST fan and he has had several of the cast members on his show in the past. However, the note worthy point is the date of the 16th which is on day after Part 1 of the season finale which is scheduled for May 15th.

Now, if Holloway is appearing on Kimmel's who, do you think it could mean something, like Sawyer playing a key in the finale!?

Well speculate away Josh fans!!

Thanks to Lyly for the following details:

Episode: 2008/05/15
Network: (ABC) ABC Television
Date: Friday - May 16, 2008
Time: 12:05/11:05c AM
Duration: 1:00

about: Jimmy Kimmel Live: 2008/05/15
Actor Josh Holloway; musical guest Clay Aiken (panel guest and performance)

Source: LOST Media Mentions