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Evangelin Lilly, Daniel Dae Kim and Grant Bowler Discuss Season 4

Here is an interview of LOST Stars Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), and Grant Bowler (Captain Gault) about Season 4.

There were some spoilers, but I have removed the spoilers for those that do not like them, so feel free to read away.

Each actor discusses their thoughts about Season 4 and the character they play.

Thanks for stopping by and namaste.

Daniel Dae Kim

Jin's starting to speak more English. Are you thinking, "Yay! At last I can interact with more people on the island"?

Will it affect upcoming storylines?
I don't know. I mean, we'll see. As you know, each episode takes place over a day and a half. So even though we've been on air for four years, it's only been a few months on the island. So we'll see how much of a quick learner he is. But I keep having this fantasy that one day Jin will have a flashback or flash-forward and he'll be able to speak the same language as everyone else. Maybe they'll all speak Korean? But I don't think that's going to happen.

Where do you stand on the "Is Locke good or bad?" divide?
I generally don't ask those questions because I don't think anyone is all good or all bad. Everyone is driven by their own motivations. Whatever Locke does, he feels like he's doing the right thing. When he throws the knife into the back of Naomi, he doesn't feel like he's a villain — he genuinely believes that he's saving the island. I think that's one of the good things about this show too — people can take sides and choose.

In an ideal world, how would you like to see the show end?
Well, I used to think I would love to see everyone happily off the island, but I don't think people can escape their problems just by going back to civilisation. So I wouldn't be surprised if the series ended on the island. But what I expect to see and what I hope to see, I'm not quite sure.

Evangeline Lilly

How would you compare this season to the other ones so far?
I'd have to say it's topping seasons two and three for me and is up there in the season one category.

Did you feel that way from the start?
I felt that way from the end of last season, when we finished with that unbelievable ending of realising that we flashed forward and at least two people got off the island. I thought, "Oh, wow!" This was completely turning us on our head in a way that we needed. The show hadn't become stale, but if we were going to keep audiences intrigued and guessing, we had to keep moving and I thought it was a bold, daring, exciting move. So from then, they have continued on with it and they've been integral enough to not leave people hanging after setting that precedent up. But a huge part of that is because the writers have a timeline. They know how many episodes they are writing, so they are writing with an end goal in mind, instead of writing in perpetuity.

Are you happy with all the information we are finding out?
The audience worried, as did we, "What if they never tie it up or [don't] know what they are doing?" so it's nice that everybody realises they know what they are doing.

Did you enjoy your flash-forward?
For me, it was so exciting because I had been asked over the past few years by different journalists [who I would pick] if I could choose to trade places with any other character on the island, and I said over and over again it would be Claire because she gets to be the mother of that beautiful, adorable baby. So I have no idea if I somehow influenced my own destiny because I ended up with her baby!

How did audiences react to seeing Kate as a mother?
I had some interesting feedback because a few people said, "What the heck?" One minute, we see her as a hardcore, tough nut, and the next minute, we see her all soft and feminine. I sensed a lot of frustration from some fans, like they were almost angry with the character. Like, "How dare you? We count on you to be one thing and we don't want you to be another thing." But for me, that was affirming and wonderful because I thought that was the appropriate reaction to a character you've come to know and love when I’m altering the character so much.

Source: TV Week