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LOST Season 4 Report Card from EW

Hey Losties,
So we are about two weeks into the mini-hiatus in between Season 4 of LOST. If you do not know yet, episode 9 is scheduled to air April 24th at 10PM and we will get 4 more episodes for a total of 13 episodes in Season 4.

Now many of you out there have loved the first 8 episodes (myself included), while many are still complaining about a lack of answers. Also, one of the best episodes of the whole series (The Constant - 4x05) was apart of this first part of Season 4 and yet some hated it.

Well Doc Jensen from EW has posted his Report Card for these first 8 episodes of Season 4 and ONLY the much hated Juliet centric episode The Other Woman received lower than a B. So I would say that he feels this season is doing pretty well.

What do you think?

Below are the grades he gave each episode and his reasons why.

As always thanks for stopping by and namaste.

Grading the first eight episodes of Lost's fourth season.

4.01 ''The Beginning of the End''
Flash-forward Hurley! Ghost Charlie! Oceanic 6! Christian rocking in Jacob's hizzy!
Grade: A

4.02 ''Confirmed Dead''
The best introduction of new characters ever. Miles Straume's ghostbusting scene, the revelation of a Hydra polar bear in Tunisia, and the discovery of Oceanic 815 wreckage at the bottom of the ocean rank among Lost's greatest WTF?! Moments.
Grade: A

4.03 ''The Economist''
Sayid is born again — Jason Bourne'd, that is — as an off-Island assassin for Ben in the flash-forward future. Not since Martha Stewart got out of jail has there been more watercooler discussion about a bracelet.
Grade: A-

4.04 ''Eggtown''
The flash-forward Kate stuff was nifty and the Aaron reveal was buzzworthy. The Island stuff laid an egg for me, but the Miles/Ben/Locke triangle, culminating with the grenade-in-the-mouth bit, was explosive.
Grade: B

4.05 ''The Constant''
Lost lets its geek flag fly — and opens its heart — with Desmond's narratively trippy, deeply romantic time-travel episode. Best Lost episode ever? Debate.
Grade: A+

4.06 ''The Other Woman''
Juliet's third flashback episode. The only true dud of the season, although coming after ''The Constant'' did it no favors.
Grade: C-

4.07 ''Ji Yeon''
The Jin/Sun flashback/flash-forward was loved by some, resented by others for its twisty-or-gimmicky trickery. It worked for me.
Grade: B+

4.08 ''Meet Kevin Johnson''
I'm giving this one a solid, sturdy B. Since I didn't recap, I owe you a more detailed explanation....

Read Doc Jensen's Review of Episode 4x08 Here: EW