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LOST Connections in One Clip

Hey Losties,
One of the biggest mysteries of our favorite show LOST is how all of the characters are connected to one another from their pasts.

Now only is it fun to see scenes with the Losties off-island together but also great to know that we are getting a new easter egg and piece of the puzzle.

I know there are many fans out there that feel that these connections do mean something while others feel that there is no significance and it is just for fun.

Well I have always been a believer in FATE, so from day one I have always felt that there will be some answer to how and why all of these connections exist. This season's Episode 5 The Constant a Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) Centric episode explored the ideas of "flashing" or "mind time travel" and introduced us to the concept of having a "constant". Desmond's constant was of course Penny, while Daniel Faraday had Desmond is his constant on one of the pages of his notebook.

This notion of having a concept began a new debate among LOST fans and opened the door to a possibility that other Losties might be flashing and/or might have constants as well.

Of course we have no proof that any of the other characters have been possibly infected with high amounts of electromagnetism, plus a constant has to be something the person strongly feels about in present time and in the past/future. So the odds that perhaps the other Losties are flashing might be low, but there is still the question of how and why are these past connections!?

Well the following video clip does not answer that question, but is still a great clip showing us the LOST Connections. Also, it is updated with this seasons connections as well, so enjoy and namaste.

Thanks to Mrs. P for the video and LOST Perdidos for the heads up.