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Episode 4x10 Something Nice Back Home - Ratings

Last night's episode of LOST (Something Nice Back Home) could not gain ground on last week's great episode and actually saw a drop in ratings this week, with it's lowest ratings for any new episode of LOST.

Although the ratings dropped, please keep in mind these numbers are with out DVR/Online viewers and ratings across the board for all TV shows has dropped significantly. The dip in ratings was something expected by networks and industry insiders because of the strike. The hope is that fans return next season when shows have a full slate of episodes.

Thanks to Unai for the heads up and details here:

Last night "Something Nice Back Home" averaged 11.14 million viewers, the lowest number of LIVE viewers for any episode of Lost ever.

I know this sounds awful, but the fact is that a lot of TV shows had low ratings, like Grey's Anatomy, Survivor or The Office.

Also remember that Lost is the most recorded and downloaded TV show right now.

Source: SL-LOST