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Episode 4x11 - Geronimo Jackson in Locke's Locker?

**UPADTED** May 9th 10AMPST - Thanks to DarkUFO Readers for figuring out who the mysterious man is!! Here are the details.

Update: Thanks to several of you who email me and left comments (justherb99, Our Pool and others) we've now identified the person as Sir Richard Burton (1821 - 1890). Good work everyone.

BBC Profile
WIKI Entry

Who is this man?

Here is a screencap of Locke's high school locker with an image of Geronimo Jackson. Who is Geronimo Jackson!?

Well in Locke's previous flashback (Episode 3x03 Further Instructions) the undercover cop Eddie wears a T-Shirt with the same band.

What is the significance who knows...!? Perhaps just a little easter egg for us fans.

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