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Episode 4x12 -- 50 Ways to Leave the Island


A couple of weeks ago when I wrote about “Something Nice Back Home”, I likened it to the classic season-finale set-up episode. Well, little did I know that the first hour of the finale “There’s No Place Like Home” would be the actual set-up episode. So now I suppose the former would be the set-up to the set-up episode?

Honestly, I don’t think it was entirely necessary, especially during a season where due to the writer’s strike the storyline had to be condensed into a shorter length of time. The plot just seemed to eek itself forward in this installment, as about half of the time was spent off-island after the Oceanic 6 settle in. Nonetheless, this is LOST, and there is always some meaty pulp which can be strained from the juice.


As the airplane doors parted, for a brief second I saw the Swan Hatch opening, and wondered if we would see John Locke peering in with a lit torch. One begins to expect such things on a show such as LOST, but what I did not expect was to be reaching for the tissues so early in the episode.

The music and lack of dialogue made the reunion scene quite emotional, as Jack greeted his mother, Hurley greeted his parents, and Sun greeted her mother, while avoiding her father. As Sayid was then pulled aside by Hurley to also be welcomed by the folks, it got to me even more. But the final kick to the heart was when I saw Kate and Aaron all alone, looking around, wind-blown, both of them now without their true parents. It was a very poignant scene when we consider how the theme of parent issues permeates the show.

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