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ODI LOSTcast 12 - 4x10 Recap, 4x11 Preview, Plus a Special Guest

Hey Losties,
How are you all doing this week!? Well last week's episode of LOST Season 4 Episode 10 titled Something Nice Back Home was a Jack centric flash forward providing us with several answers and holes that were left open since the Season 3 finale.

The episode took us to a time after Kate's trial, but before Jack's meltdown and Bearded Jack. On island, Jack was suffering from appendicitis and Claire disappears again!? Also, we can not forget the appearances of Jack and Claire's dad Christian both on and off the island.

Well in this week's podcast we cover all of these items in our episode recap and you will hear why my podcast partner The Spoiler Hunter hated it and why I think this episode is getting a bad rap. As always we do have our weekly spoiler round up and preview of the upcoming episode.

Plus, this week we have a Super-Sized version of the podcast, because we had a special guest join us. Who is this person you ask!? Well she is a good friend and another well known LOST blogger from MySpace and her name is Karen!! Many of you LOST fans on MySpace might know Karen really well from her weekly episode notes/recaps and read her blogs weekly. For those of you that do not know Karen, her weekly episode recap is basically a list of things she has noticed and she links all these items back to previous episodes. Nothing gets by Karen and we had a great time having her on the podcast this week to discuss Something Nice Back Home.

You can visit Karen's Blog Here: Karen's LOST Blog @ Myspace

So this week there are 3 clips, the first part is the episode 4x10 recap, part 2 is our discussion with Karen and part 3 is our spoilers section with a preview of episode 4x11.

Plus, don't forget the podcast is NOW available at iTunes where you can subscribe directly at the The ODI LOSTcast store.

Here you go and hope you enjoy it.

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