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POLL: Episode 4x10 Something Nice Back Home - What did you think!?

Sooo you just watched tonight's episode of LOST Season 4 Episode 10 a Jack (Matthew Fox) centric flash forward episode.

My initial reaction:

OMG!!! Christian Shepard!! Shepard's appearances were truly the highlights of the episode for me!! Will "Clllaaairrree become the new Waaaalllllltt!!!!" ??

Well all I can say is that it was another solid episode featuring several moments for all of the shippers (romance lovers) out there and at the same still provided the rest of the fans with ome movement in the overall story.

We also got a confirmation that Karl and Danielle are dead with Miles hearing the death moment!?. So are the whispers the dead!?

Well what did you think of the episode...!? Voice your opinion here: