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Andrews and Emerson on Emmys Acting Short List!!

Last week the Academy for the Emmys released their tentative "short list" for the Best Shows of the season.

Today, we get the official short list for acting and supporting acting categories, with both Naveen Andrews and Micahel Emerson getting recognized while last year's supporting actor Terry O' Quinn was left off the list this year.

This is just the first step to getting nominated and I love both actors. I think Emerson should win, but Andrews was also great this season.

Here are the details from E! Online

Also getting the short end of the stick, not to mention only two mourners at his small-screen wake, was the 2007 winner for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama, Lost's Terry O'Quinn.

Picking up the dramatic slack when Locke lost the ball, according to the TV Academy, were future partners in crime Sayid and Ben, meaning Naveen Andrews and Michael Emerson are in fact in the Top 11. (Yes, 11, meaning there's some neck-and-neck action going on.)

Source: E! Online