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LOST and Other Emmy Snubs

Hey Losties,
How is it going today!?

Well for those of you that do not know, today is Emmy awards day!! Ok ok who gives a damn right!?

Well for the most part I do not think I care much about the Emmys but this year is different for two reasons, one more important that the other.

First of all my main man Michael Emerson is nominated and that is reason enough to hopefully win!! If Emerson wins, it will be huge for LOST, making it two years in a row for that supporting actor category.

The other reason is not as important, but today is a HUGE day in the Celebrity Photo world and with DArk and I starting that new SpoilerTV Celebrity Photos page, I think we will have SEVERAL new entries for all of you photo lovers out there. So do not forget to visit the site later today.

Ok now the reason why most of us are sooo down on the Emmys, is because so many great shows and actors are snubbed every year.

Here is E! Online's breakdown of snubs for this year.


Thanks to Sawyer840 for the heads up.