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Episode 6x11 - Flight 815 Has Not Arrived Yet?

UPDATE: Looks like I need to double check my screencaps. Apparently it is flashing "Arrived" after all. :)

Sooo with all the crazy reveals of this past week's episode 6x11 Happily Ever After. Did you all notice yet another Lostie staring at their reflection??

Well that was not to hard to miss right, but what about the fact that Flight 815 is not being shown as arrived on the Oceanic Airlines arrival board? Not on-time, not late, nothing! Just blank.

So what does this all mean?

Well some speculate that the flash sideways do not even exist, some even say this is all just happening in their head and perhaps this is just another clue to such theories??

I am sure the naysayers will say it is just another continuity error or that the board was just not updated yet.

Well I don't buy it. There is NO way that the props team or writers would miss something like this.

Below is a screencap to take a look at, so what do you all think?