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Real Odds for What Will Happen on LOST??

Yup it is true! Seems like an online betting site has put up some odds on what will happen in LOST and you can actually bet on the odds.

The main article talks about whether the Man in Black will escape the island and has pretty good odds at 4/7. So for every $7 you bet you can win $4. Not that good of a return if you ask me. However there are a few other fun bets like "Will Richard Kill the MiB?" and "Who Will Kate End Up With?"

So both mythology fans and shippers can join in on the fun.

NOTE: I searched the sites for where to bet but could not find them, but below is the article with the breakdown.

The MIB has killed off several characters throughout the years. The Man in Black's most notorious ability is that of manifesting himself as a giant dark cloud, often described as looking like smoke. The Monster appears immune to conventional weaponry, but was repelled on one occasion by dynamite. The Man In Black has several weaknesses, ranging from water and ash circles to Banyan trees.

The MIB became "trapped" on the Island at some point. Since that time, he constantly tried to escape and "go home". The Man in Black believes keeping him on the Island is pointless because darkness is common to all humanity. The island constantly seems to prove The Monster wrong by presenting people that know the difference between right and wrong.

Will the man in black (MIB) get off the island?
Yes 4/7

Will Richard kill the MIB?
Yes 5/9

Kate ends up with:
Sawyer 1/1
Jack 6/5
Neither 10/11

Source: Point-Spreads