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ODI LOST Podcast 4 -- Episode 4x03 Recap and 4x04 Preview

Hey All,
Sorry for the delay in this week's podcast, but my partner in crime Ronald was sick and lost his voice, so we were trying to wait as long as possible to see if he was able to get better, but unfortunately his voice was still not 100%. Sooo this week you all get me in a solo podcast and it is a little shorter.

I know it is not as entertaining without the interaction with Ronald, but I still wanted to provide you all with a quick recap of Episode 4x03 The Economist because it was such a great episode and had a wonderful ending with the reveal of Ben being Sayid's boss.

Plus, I wanted to provide you all with a little Season 4 Production and Schedule update and mention the Radio Interview I will be conduction on the Shannon Burke Show Friday morning at 10AM PST.

Also, as always there is a little preview of this week's episode. The preview for Episode 4x04 does contains some spoilers and they begin at about the 2 minute mark of Clip 3.

As always thanks for stopping by and listening.

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