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ODI Podcast 5 -- Review of 4x04 and Preview of 4x05

Hey Losties,
Here is this week's ODI LOST podcast with my good friend Ronald. If you listened to last week's podcast, then you know Ronald was out sick, but he returns this week and it was great to have him back because we had some great moments.

We discuss this past week's Episode 4x04 Eggtown, the Kate centric flash forward that was not too entertaining, but have some great moments including the end with the reveal of baby Aaron with Kate.

We also provide you with a review of this week's episode 4x05. The review contains some spoilers for the episode so if you do not like spoilers, then please stop listening at our warning.

NOTE: Clips 4 and 5 contain spoilers and the review for episode 4x05.

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