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Shannon Burke Radio Show LOST Interview 2

Hey All,
Before I start I want to thank my good friend DarkUFO for giving me an opportunity to once again represent his site and myself with this interview and also Kevin and Cabin at the Shannon Burke show for the platform to be able to talk LOST.

Now for those of you that listened to the show, know that the interview lasted two segments again and we covered a wide variety of items, beginning with a little update about S4 production and then we got right into it and talked about various things that happened in last night's episode (Episode 4x04 Eggtown). We covered the Aaron reveal, the Ben/Miles conversation and a little about Daniel and Charlotte with the cards.

We continued talking about various elements of the show including the Oceanic 6, about Ben Off-Island, the coffin in the S3 finale and then at the beginning of the second segment we talked briefly about the new LOST Video Game, which was followed by fan questions and we ended the show with some spoilers and a review of episode 5.

NOTE The spoilers are at the VERY end of Clip 2 and we warn you at the 12: 30 mark when they start. So spoiler haters feel free to listen to the rest of the interview, but just be aware of the 12:30 mark.

Thanks for stopping by and listening, below are both clips and I have posted links for each, so if you want to download and listen on your iPods you can.

Download Links:
SB Radio Interview 2-1
SB Radio Interview 2-2

Link to First Interview:
SB Radio Interview 1