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Locke and Hurley SkyOne Billboards Found

Hey All,
Yesterday we posted a billboard of Sayid advertising Season 5 for SkyOne.

Many fans mentioned that they had seen a couple of Locke and Hurley. Well in less than 24 hours we bring you the both the Locke (do not know location) and Hurley billboards (found in Didsbury, Manchester).

Apparently there are different taglines on some of the billboards and perhaps more with other character. If you find any please let us know.

Thanks to SL-LOST for the Locke billboard and the heads up from Elena. The Hurley billboard was sent in by Laurence.

NOTE: I know the quality is not the best, but I still appreciate them taking the time to take pictures, inform us and send them in.

Click Here to View Sayid Billboard

(Click to Enlarge)