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LOST V Predators!!

Hey All,
Apparently the new Predators movie (yes another sequel/reboot) will soon be filming in Hawaii and the MTV Movies blog put together a funny list with odds of some of the LOST Characters and how they might fare if they met face to face with a Predator.

Here is the list...enjoy!!

Jack Shephard:
The former alcoholic and pill-popping doctor is the de facto leader of the Oceanic 815 survivors, and despite his necessity-driven experience with firearms, what kind of threat would Jack really pose against a Predator? He's no match physically, but his ability to perform surgery in a pinch might render him useful enough to leave alive until the rest of the castaways are picked off.

Survival Odds: 12:1. If Jack can tap into some of that Arnold Schwarzenegger man-thrives-in-nature instinct, he might stand a chance.

Benjamin Linus:
As the leader of the Island's mysterious Others, Ben has a proven talent for deception. When it comes to facing down the barrel of a shoulder-mounted laser cannon though, that smart mouth will do him no favors. The bug-eyed twerp's best chance against the Predators is to trick everybody else into drawing fire while looking for a way to stay alive -- just as he's done all of his life.

Survival Odds: 200:1. Ben's only real weapon here is his manipulative ways, and when he runs out of bodies to trick into harm's way, it's game over for Captain Bunny Killer.

Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes:
If there's one definitive fact about the laidback, oversized millionaire, it's that he's supremely unlucky. Still, Hurley's bad luck tends to rub off on those that surround him rather than Hurley himself, meaning that he could beat the Predators by pure happenstance. He's also unlikely to be viewed as a major threat, putting him towards the back of the hunting list -- but as he's proven before, Hurley is pretty spry and shouldn't be discounted on looks alone.
Survival Odds: 1000:1. Aw, Hurley... I want you to eek this out, but I don't think that even the unlucky lotto numbers will protect you from a triangular laser blast.

John Locke:
Nobody gets to tell John Locke what he can and can't do, least of all a Predator. The man of a thousand knives has an instinctual knowledge of the Island's layouts that's second to none, giving him the home field advantage. And even if he finds himself on the business end of a two-pronged claw, Locke has a tested gift for beating death and injury.
Survival Odds: 5:1. Moreso than Jack, Locke has what it takes to evoke some of the primal rage required to take down a Predator. After all, he is a hunter -- not a farmer.

The Smoke Monster:
A massive puff of smoke identified as the Island's security system -- a creature that appears to be physically intangible but can nonetheless eviscerate a pack of highly-trained mercenaries in one fell swoop -- versus an alien with laser discs, stealth camouflage and other technological goodies. It's a tough one, but I'd go with Smokey. Don't feel too bad: Predators appreciate a good sport, and if nothing else, the resident monster presents the greatest challenge out of all the Island's inhabitants.
Survival Odds: 2:1. Yes, it's a tough call, but I really think Smokey McSmokesalot has this on lockdown. It might take some time to pull off, but unless the Predators can escape the island, they're a green puddle of goo.

Source: MTV