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First Official Season 5 HQ Promo Posters!!

*UPDATED* Just added second version of the promo poster and both and with out watermarks.

Hey Losties,
We are almost there!!

Yup, with approximately 2 months left until Season 5 of LOST, ABC has released the first Official Promo Poster for Season 5!!

Notice the key cast members left off (Jin, Penny and Claire) and the ones included (Daniel, Charlotte and Miles)!!

For some of you this might be a potential minor spoiler, but unfortunately this has become a part of ABC marketing and in an online world it is not a spoiler. Those, of you who are fans of their characters I can assure you will learn the fates of these characters, but I can not say much more with our revealing even more spoilers.

Click Here to View the Season 5 Press Release

Click Here to View New LOST/The Fray Music Video

Image Copyright: ABC